Moosehead Region

Moosehead Lake is the largest lake in the U.S. state of Maine, and the largest mountain lake in the eastern United States.

Situated in the Longfellow Mountains in the Maine Highlands Region, the lake is the source of the Kennebec River. There are over 80 islands in the lake, the largest being Sugar Island.

Mount Kineo, with 700-foot (200 m) cliffs rising straight up from Moosehead Lake, has attracted visitors for centuries, from early American Indians to later tribes seeking its flint. Various species dwell among its cliffs, including peregrine falcons and rare plants. The region has a large moose population; moose outnumber people 3:1. However, the name of the region derives from the remarkable similarity between maps of the lake and an antlered moose. Henry David Thoreau and other 19th-century visitors remarked on the beauty of the area.

Snowmobiling in Moosehead

For the snowmobile enthusiast, the Moosehead Lake region is the hub of Maine snowmobiling with over 500 miles of groomed, scenic trails to welcome you. The picturesque Moosehead trail has over 160 miles of groomed trails surrounding Moosehead Lake. Full snowmobile support services, food, and gas are only minutes away. The Moosehead Region trails connect with Maine’s Interconnecting Trail System(ITS) for miles and miles of groomed sledding opportunities. Beautiful scenery, tons of snow and miles of well-groomed trails – all make for an incomparable snowmobiling experience. No wonder sledders come back here year after year.

The Kineo Escape Cabin is located within 1/4 mile of the famous Moosehead trail and Rt. 66, you can snowmobile right from the cabin.

To get to Route 66 from the Kineo Escape cabin, turn left out of the driveway. Proceed down Lake Shore Drive and take a left toward the Moosehead Marina and travel about 1000 feet to the Pittston Farm Road. Turn left onto the Pittston Farm Road and travel 200 feet to the Route 66 snowmobile trail which is on the right. (It is just across from the bridge!) We have a map and directions for a nice 4 to 6 hour round trip snowmobile ride from the camp to Greenville. View a close-up map of the Rockwood area or a highlighted map from Rockwood to Greenville.

To check the snow depth amounts, check out Northeast River Forecast Center Map.

Before you head out, you may want to check out some trail maps. You can view state wide ITS trail maps. The local ITS trail map is shown Moosehead, Jackman, The Forks, Bingham Area ITS Trail Map. The Blue Ridge Riders have a local map that also shows Route 66.

Check out the Maine Snowmobile trail conditions. View Rockwood trail report.

Be safe on the trail. Find more information about snowmobiling safety.

To rent snowmobiles, see Area Amenities below.

Some other helpful websites include:

Maine Snowmobile Association
Moosehead Lake Chamber of Commerce: Snowmobiling

Fishing in Moosehead

Whether you’re a fly or reel fishing enthusiast, there are several opportunities for testing your fishing knowledge and skill in the Moosehead Lake area during most of the year.

Our Kineo Escape cabin offers a private dock that is located on the mouth of the Moose River. You can choose to fish from the dock or take your boat out the well-marked channel for a third of a mile and you will be on the 40 miles long, Moosehead Lake. This location is ideal so you can be on the lake quickly in the morning and return to the sheltered mouth of the river for an afternoon swim.

The section of the Moose River located below the Brassua Dam that flows into the Moosehead Lake is a popular spot for salmon and trout fishing from June through September. We are located where the water is slow moving and flows into Moosehead Lake which is the largest lake in Maine. Moosehead Lake offers a variety of fishing opportunities including lake trout, salmon, brook trout and cusk. Open water fishing begins May 1st through the ice is not usually totally out until mid-May. Brassua Lake is also close by. Brassua Lake offers brook trout and salmon, and an abundant supply of yellow perch. Some of the salmon are stocked yearly. Smelts are also a popular fishery in Brassua Lake.

Check the Freshwater Regulations for the area before you head out. We are between Somersetand Piscataquis counties depending on which waters you decide to fish on. Check out the IFW Fishing website for more information.

You can buy a Maine State fishing license online by clicking here.

Access is available to Moosehead Lake at several boat launching areas. The closest to the cabin is Moosehead Marina. There is also access in Rockwood, Greenville Jct., and the Lily Bay State Park. There are also primitive launching sites in Spencer Bay, Cowans Cove, and Seboomook.

Access is available to Brassua Lake on a boat launch area associated with a primitive campground on the west end off Rt. 15.

There are several ice fishing derbies across the state of Maine. While you are staying with Maine Escapes in Rockwood you may want to join in on the Moosehead Lake Vacation and Sportsman Association ice derby. You could also try the Indian Hill Trading Posts weigh in.

Some other helpful websites include:
Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife
Maine IF&W Fishing Page
Fishing in the Moosehead Lake Region
The Maine Professional Guides Association
Fly Fishing in Maine
Maine Kayak

Fall Foliage

Maine is a beautiful place to be in fall. Spectacular foliage and views await when you escape to the Moosehead Lake region with Maine Escapes.

Whether your preferences are for foliage viewing, moose spotting or you’re simply seeking solitude, our cabin is situated in the perfect location that allows you to choose how to enjoy your escape!

Some other websites you might want to view to see what the best time would be to stay with us are:
Maine Tourism-Foliage
Also, see the driving tour routes for the area around Kineo Escape at

Area Amenities


Auntie M’s, Lunch & Dinner
Black Frog – Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner; Good ribs
Blue Moose Café – Open summer season
Boom Chain – 5AM – 2PM, Breakfast & Lunch
Flatlanders – 11/12AM – 8/9PM, Lunch & Dinner, Hearty food, relaxed atmosphere
Jamo’s Pizza & Convenience Store – Pizza; Beverages & Sundries, Good pizza and sandwiches
Rod n’ Reel – Lunch & Dinner, Good place for dinner
Trailside Restaurant and Lounge – Eat in or Take out
Graves Seafood Restaurant – Excellent seafood, a favorite
Whisky Cove Bar – Booze & Pub-grub
Kelly’s Landing – Great seafood and service, big portions
Ye Olde Deli – Lunch & Dinner
Blue Ridge Café – Breakfast Only
Izzy’s – Breakfast & Dinner, (Located at Moosehead Motel)
Moosehead Inn – Breakfast & Dinner, Cozy, good food and fun people
Moosehead Motel – Restaurant & Lounge

Markets, Shopping, and Other Services

Clarke’s Laundry
Moosehead Center Mall
Harris Family Drug – Pharmacy
Indian Hill Trading Post & Supermarket – Clothes, Sporting Goods & Supplies, Groceries
Northwoods Mountain Bikes – Sporting Goods & Rental Equipment. Rental of all types of sporting good equipment
Village Food Mart – Groceries
Moose River Country Store – Beverages, Food & Sundries; Pizza, Soups & Sandwiches; Fresh donuts, hot coffee. Take out pizza.
Northwoods Store – Beverages, Food & Sundries; Sandwiches
Rockwood Trading Post – Beverages, Food & Sundries; Sandwiches
Kineo Boat Launch – on Lake St. (Kineo Dock Road), Rockwood