Purpose of our trip: For our two young sons to experience the wonder of Maine
How we traveled: Flew to Manchester, drove to Loon Cove…then off to Moose River cabin
The weather was: Very good…rained overnight…some early fog…mostly glorious weather in 70’s!
What we did: We canoed around lake, went for short hikes, loved swimming & floating around the float…went on the “Lively Lady” and learned about lobster fishing, saw seals, bald eagles, and even a pirate ship!
People we met: The blueberry folks up the way & the nice neighbor who lent us ketchup and saved the day for our son’s hamburger!
Places we would recommend: Wayfarer in Rockland was great family dining…also eating lobster rolls on dock in Camden. “Lively Lady” was great!
Favorite moments: As a residential architect, I enjoyed your cab…it brings us closer to our dream of owning one ourselves.