Purpose of our trip: To just get away and relax. Maybe snowboard? Ski? Not sure. Lobster?!
How we traveled: by car- 7 hours! Woohoo!
The weather was: Cold and brisk, but nice! Seconds after writing that. Ok, it’s starting to ice storm (I’m scared).
What we did: Relaxed- Enjoyed the quietness, throat hurt a bit with this dry propane thing. Went to eat. Ate a lot of food!!
People we met: Just the locals. Same people as usual. No moose yet, dammit!
Places we would recommend: Auntie M’s, Black Frog, Shop at the Indian Trading Post- all in Greenville. 4 seasons Restaurant in Jackman.
Favorite moments: The site seeing drives. The beds are so comfortable, I love the comforter and sheets. Shopping in town, some cute stuff in Greenville.
Notes:: Once again it was a nice quiet, relaxing trip. 3rd time in these cabins, and we will be back again. Enjoyed our stay once again. I think next time we will do a whole week and some snowmobiling. Enjoyed it though. Thanks for the great stay!